Top Five Family ‘The Great Outdoors’ Activities...

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We are on a mission! Creating awe and wonder in every moment...

And for very good reason!

Did you know the average child can identify over 1000 corporate logos but fewer than 10 native plants and animals?

Did you also know as little as four minutes in a garden will start to reduce stress, improve mood and steady vital signs?

Well, here at Kindred, this has got us all jumping up and down to make even more of the great outdoors this weekend and all the weeks following - and with the promise of this glorious sunshine🌞, what better time to enjoy being among the trees and mini beasts!

With this in mind, we have pulled together our FIVE favourite family activities to get back to nature and create a little mess - not too much mess, we promise!

Which ones are you going to be getting up to this weekend?

ONE: Chase bubbles

Make your own bubble mixture and chase bubbles around the garden, popping as many as you can as quickly as you can. Why don’t you give making some giant bubbles a go..

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TWO: Make tree spirits

These are easy to make using homemade clay – give your child a small ball of air-drying clay and work with them to create expressive tree spirits.

Push the ball of clay onto the trunk of a tree and shape it into a face, using natural items such as leaves, flowers, twigs and stones to add features. These will dry naturally and wash away when it rains.

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THREE: Make a mobile

Not the kind that needs wifi and four bars… the kind that blows in the wind, produces the sounds of nature and looks beautiful.

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FOUR: Make fairy soup

Collect leaves, petals, seeds and grass from outside and mix them together into a small bowl of water. Use scissors to shred the ingredients, crush them using spoons and mixers, and experiment with textures and colours.

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FIVE: Digging for treasure

Collect together a few small objects and bury them in a sandpit or a small box filled with soil. Encourage your toddler to uncover the treasure using different tools such as spoons, spades and a colander for sieving sand.

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Don’t forget the sunscreen and hats this weekend!

Enjoy - from all of us here at Kindred Nurseries.

Have you got a copy of our FREE Awe and Wonder Challenge Sheet yet? Pick one up at your local Kindred nursery or download it here. What are you waiting for - let's start ticking off those 30 summer activities!

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Sarah Davy